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The Spanish permanent residence permit (Permiso de residencia) is the most essential document to obtain if you plan to reside in Spain for longer than three months. Our team of agents specializing in Spain immigration issues can assist all individuals who have worked and resided in the country for this length of time. If you wish to immigrate to Spain and require assistance applying for a residence permit, you can rely on us.

You can perform the following activities and procedures during residency:
Register with social security to receive healthcare.
Gain employment
Register a company
Other lawful economic pursuits

In addition, you will receive the following benefits from your Spanish residency:
Spanish renewal of your driver’s license.
Obtain your local pensioner’s identification document (if you are receiving a pension).
Obtain a Spanish health certificate that is covered by Spanish social security (although you can obtain one with an NIE if you are employed in Spain).
Permanent domicile

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