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The Belgian residence permit (Dutch: Verblijfstitel) is a document issued to non-EU citizens (also known as nationals of third countries) residing in Belgium. Permanent residency (residency certificate types B, C, D, E, and F, explained below) permits indefinite residence in Belgium. This stay is under the same terms and with the same privileges and benefits as Belgian citizens.

Open access to employment, working conditions, and employment conditions; right to education, recognition of qualifications, and grants; welfare benefits; social assistance; freedom of association and union membership.

According to Belgian immigration law, there are several types of permanent residency, dependent on your situation and nationality.

Unlimited stay privilege: Electronic residence certificate type B

The right to establishment: Type C electronic residence certificate

EU residency status for the long term: Electronic residence certificate type D

Right to permanent residency for EU citizens: Electronic residency certificate type E

Right to permanent residency for family members of EU citizens: Type F electronic residency certificate

If you obtain Belgian citizenship, you can typically maintain your original nationality. Belgium permits dual nationality.

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