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Germany Passports are issued to German citizens in order to facilitate international travel. In addition to the German ID card and the German Emergency Travel Document, the only other officially recognized document that German authorities routinely take from German citizens as proof of identity is their passport.

In addition to serving as proof of identity and a presumption of German nationality, the passport also serves as a travel document. They facilitate the procedure of obtaining consular assistance from the German government. Officials abroad (or, in the absence of a German consular facility, other EU members). Every German citizen is also a European Union citizen. The passport and national identification document. Permits for freedom of movement. and Residence in any of the nations of the European Union and European Economic Area.

German Passports: German passports have contained a contactless smartcard (proximity card) microprocessor since 1 November 2005. In accordance with ICAO requirements, embedded in the front cover page. The device and antenna are difficult to identify visually. At the bottom of the front cover, the ICAO. Biometric passport symbol indicates their presence. It contains all the information inscribed on the passport, including a digitally signed JPEG file of the photo.

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