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Purchase a new biometric identification card for Malaysia on the web. The document contains fifty pages. The information sheet/data page is printed in both English and Malay. The Malaysian identification (Malay: Passport Malaysia) is the visa issued to residents of Malaysia by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Malaysia was the first nation in the world to issue biometric identification cards in March 1998, and a nearby company, IRIS Corporation, later supported the development.The Passport Act of 1966 is the primary statute governing the creation of visas and travel documents, their possession by individuals entering and exiting Malaysia, and related matters.

The processing of Malaysian identity applications and re-establishment is exceptionally quick, with new travel documents generally issued one hour after the issuance of the application in typical cases.The introduction of visa recharging stands (KiPPas) at Immigration Department branches across the country enables identification applicants to register and pay for their international IDs without lining up at visa application counters.

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